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love the water in all its forms, shapes, sizes and depths


Great ... this will be my next destination. :-)
Hope to go there soon. Thanks for the information, Sidney.


:)i like fishing , maybe in the near future i could visit this place i know already the fishing spot thank's for the info :D anyway cavite is quite close to laguna :)


i would love to see those pictures :)


i like boatrides, hopefully soon i can explore laguna de bay. will wait for your series of laguna de bay photos.

by the way thanks for the link, its my honor.


so did you go fishing yourself? :-)


bw series! look forward to see the photos...sound like a great place:-))


this is gonna be exciting. i live by this lake and i am sure excited to see what kind of photos did you get Sidney. anyway, the last time i visited the place, the LGUs are organizing its rehabilitation. i doubt about the abundance of fishes...were you referring to the fishponds around the lake? capture fisheries is one of the livelihoods of the locals there.

hey, just a little trivia. the word "laguna" means "lake" the whole name thingie is a redundancy. "Laguna Lake" is lake lake, hehe.


Sounds exciting Sidney. I am especially looking forward to seeing Los Banos. I also want to know where you managed to get the "enye" the Spanish N with the swirl.


I love your journalistic treatment ... Looking forward to the series.

Toxic Lens

Looking forward to this!


The whole series in B&W? Aww.

I would have liked to see some in color, too. Looking forward to it though.


Sounds great, can't wait!

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